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I love to party and fashion is my life. I say babe alot.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

West End Clubbing, Champagne Popping

So this weekend was Bank Holiday, and true to form I did my fair share of partying.

On Thursday night my friend Rose came up to party at Whisky Mist with CEG, the company who brought Jay-Z to Merah for his high profile Brits after party. I'm not usually a fan of Whisky, but Thursday was a really good night, probably because I had all my girls around me and we were with some of the best hosts in London, as the club itself was full of kids and didn't impress me at all. I don't think I realised how drunk I was til I woke up the next day and wasn't surprised when I realised we were doing shots within 5 minutes of being in the club and still necking vodka from the bottle at 2am.

In terms of my outfit, I was pretty much sponsored by Topshop!

After a day of chilling, lunch and shopping, there were approximately a million options as to where me and Rose could go on Friday night. In the end we chose Millionheir PR at my favourite and much-visited club Merah. Having partied with Millionheir before and not been blown away, Friday night was like a second chance for them to show me how they get down...and they get DOWN. The vodka flowed from start to finish (and I mean finish, we were there when the LIGHTS CAME ON....cringe!!) and they popped Dom Perignon for our enjoyment. The vibe in Merah was unreal, most of the credit for this has to go to the DJ. I had such a good time, I always do with Rose but Friday was definitely one of our top 10 nights and I think she agrees!

I wore a fringed LBD and my faaaaavourite shoes!

On Saturday I packed my Abercrombies and Uggs and headed for the New Forest where I had planned to spend the rest of the weekend. My family have a gorgeous second home right near the beach and it was so relaxing to just chill out with an amazing view of the sea, go for long(ish) walks and spend time with my family..............

.............I lasted a whole 24 hours before I had to come back and party! Sunday's hotspot was Merah. My night was slightly affected by the fact that I got smacked in the face by a bottle of vodka by accident (people just tend to assume now that I like to drink from the bottle) and in shock I turned around and proceeded to walk straight into another bottle that somebody standing on the sofa behind me was holding. Brief unconsciousness, a few tears and a make up session later I was back partying in true form. It could only happen to me right! Pics will follow soon!

Kisses xx

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