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I love to party and fashion is my life. I say babe alot.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Friday, 19 March 2010

Barbie says...



My jams. Get to know. I used to hate house but I'm mid-conversion and I literally can't listen to these tunes at work because they make me wanna dance on my chair.........normal.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

I Love Sunshine...

But I love sunglasses more. And the weather today gave me the excuse to wear these:

These Miu Miu shades were the result of a four hour delay at Heathrow, well every cloud has to have a silver lining doesn't it?!


This weekend I partied at London's new hotspot Runway. I had been invited by the owner of the club who is currently visiting from the US, so we were well looked after!

Situated on New Oxford Street, it's great location contributes to the popularity of the club which seems to have sprung from nowhere, however I think its the 6am license which seals the deal as it makes it ideal for people like myself who can find themselves bored by 2 or 3am and want a change of scenery. The new venue has no website, has not been widely advertised and there's basically no indication of its existence from the outside except a couple of doormen. This is because the club speaks for itself. Boasting 18 tables and a very sexy VIP area which is brightly lit compared to the rest of the club, the venue is impressive and conducent to a really good atmosphere.

Here's a pic of me and my lovely Becky. I wore a skirt from Topshop, body from American Apparel and my new Christian Audigier necklace (OBSESSED). My camera is currently MIA but when I find it in my not so tidy bedroom later I'll be uploading loads more pics!

I'd definitely recommend Runway as an after spot but I can see it's appeal as a sole destination too. I'm even considering it as a venue for my birthday so it must be good!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Let's Make A Sandwich...

Maybe then we can give it to Lady Gaga towards her picnic because she's definitely a few short. I've watched the video and I've read the numerous positive reviews from people who thinks it's incredible. Personally I think it's incredibly weird. And shit.

Yep I said it. It's shit. My intial reaction was 'AMAZING' but after watching once I realised I actually felt no desire to watch it again. Watch it here yourself and see what you think.

These were my problems...I don't see why she has to be half naked, she's not sexy. I don't know what lesbians or prisons have to do with telephones or clubs and I definitely don't think Beyonce does weird as well as Gaga. At all. In fact, Gaga is so weird that Beyonce actually fades into the background slightly and I don't like it. You've got to be pretty weird to outshine Beyonce's sex appeal.

Apart from that, the video's too long, I lost interest every time the song paused for the latest update of the pointless story and 'You've been a very bad girl Gaga' is so creepy that it will definitely give me nightmares at some point in my life. Aside from these issues, the video is in my opinion testimony that product placement in music videos should be illegal! Yes it's classic crazy Gaga and I do like the 'woman power' fantasy concept at times but I'd rather watch a simple, sexy Beyonce video than sit through Gaga's latest offering again. I don't hate it, I'm just not under the Gaga spell. Some have touted it as 'the successor to Michael Jackson's Thriller' - as if. She is innovative and controversial but she's definitely not there yet. The video is an explosion of violence, sex, irony and colour, yet somehow it's still dull. Succinctly put, the video by the pair is 10 minutes of visual diarrhea and I'm still waiting for Gaga to win me over.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Case of the Ex

Why do so many people hate their exes? Or other people's for that matter? The whole point of an ex is that you're not with them anymore, yet they seem to cause so many problems in relationships and I'm saying this from experience! I'm not talking about those exes who cheated on you or broke your heart in an unforgivable way, but why does it always seem to get so bitter in the end? And why do future partners expect you to just cut all ties in the rare occassion that you're both mature enough to try and be friends? I've heard so many stories on this topic lately and it got me thinking about my ex who I don't hate at all. I actually love him. Don't get me wrong I'm not as heartbroken as I was when we first split and I don't spend every second of the day missing him. But I love him all the same. I do think about him alot, and there's nothing wrong with that if you ask me. We met at the beginning of university and I fell in love with him in a matter of days and we spent two years having an amazing time and creating lovely memories. We argued ALOT. Like the time when he came home drunk as usual from a rugby social and was sick on my laptop (yep, seriously!) or the time I threw his brand new iPhone out of the window of a moving car for texting a girl (...ok so that was abit extreme but if you saw the girl you'd understand and he never did it again!) The arguments would always end the same way - I would cry, sometimes real tears in which case he'd give me a big cuddle, and sometimes fake, in these cases he always knew how to make me laugh to catch me out but ultimately we always made up. Despite all our flaws he was perfect to me and I was perfect to him. In the end we just weren't perfect together but I've grown up enough since we've been apart to realise that we don't have to hate each other at all, we can just be glad we met and spent two years in love. People waste way too much time being jealous and worried about each other's pasts. Expecting your new partner to forget their ex is just unrealistic and not all ex's are evil monsters. But hey, maybe I'm just biased...

No More Holiday Picture of the Day

...Because it's killing me to look at everyone's amazing pictures. Holidays are my favourite thing on earth. Nothing beats the feeling of the sun on your face or the water on your toes. Sipping a cocktail without a care in the world.. Bikinis, maxi dresses, sandals, sunglasses, fabulous statement jewellery...there's lots to get excited about. I thought about it and I really I HATE looking at people's holiday photos! In fact, to cheer myself up I booked a trip to Canada at the weekend! So, no more depressing holiday pictures of the day but you can die with jealousy at the fact that I'm about to book Egypt in May... :)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010

I'm a Cool Kid...

This weekend I had the usual dilemma of where to spend my Friday night. With so many great clubs, top promoters and big spenders around, it's always hard to decide where to go on those precious nights where I don't need to be up at 7am! With the promise of a personal appearance of P Diddy, I took my girls Jen and Emma to Amika on High Street Ken to party with my boy Clem. Clem runs a company called Clemface who represent brands like Applebottom and New Look and host nights at clubs like Maya and Amika. The company started off in events management but is fast becoming more PR orientated and with Clem in charge I've got no doubt that its going to be a big success. His vision and drive are something else and his night 'Cool Kids' at Amika on Fridays is up there with my favourites.

We arrived at Amika early, but no one could have anticipated the huge queues outside - the P Diddy hype had spread across London like wildfire (thanks mainly to the invention of Blackberry!) As I stood outside I saw so many people hanging around the door trying to blag their way in without queueing or paying, 90% of whom were sent all the way to the back of the ever-growing queue after being told in no uncertain terms that if everyone else was going to stand in line, they would have to aswell. Now, I'm definitely not a fan of queueing and it was pretty damn cold outside, but the second I arrived at the venue I could see that the contacts I had inside the club were stressed out of their minds trying to organise such a busy night. I don't get why people don't realise that EVERYBODY knows someone. Some girls I saw wasted almost half an hour hanging around in the cold calling some unknown promoter who was 'definitely inside' and 'said we wouldn't have to queue.' So what love? These same girls did the walk of shame to the back and waited for over an HOUR. Now that's slipping! There's less shame in queueing if you ask me.

Anyway, the vibe inside was amazing - we had some drinks in the main room and then went into VIP with Mr 'Partywhore' Joe Caulfield. It was at this point in the night where I received what I have to say was the most amazing and sexual kiss on the cheek of my entire life from the Partywhore, what a lucky girl.....! I drank my usual vodka and cranberry and was showing Clem's brother Ernest some dance moves on the sofas until I realised that the VIP room was pretty empty compared to earlier in the night. That's when I realised that I'd missed the arrival of Diddy, who, contrary to the belief of cynics and haters alike, had made the appearance that Clemface promised. I went to the main room where I saw Diddy going hard in a roped off section in the main room and decided in true Miss Colley fashion that THAT is where I needed to be. I somehow made my way to the front, spotted Clem and the lovely Mo Samba and was allowed onto Diddy's table to party with the star. Diddy had tooo many bottles of Moet and Ace of Spades and I even got to hold one of his sparklers. It was pretty amazing. At one point I found myself right next to him and took my chance for a pic. So here it is, the party princess and Mr P Diddy himself. Dont hate bitches xxx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Holiday Pic of the Day

The gorgeous hot Florida won't understand this unless you've been there, but this sunshine is unlike any other in the whole world. December 2009...Take me back. Now.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Jennifer Smart

She was just my holiday pics of the day but wow I love this girl. She's my best friend, the most beautiful girl in the world and the best thing that has ever happened to me. She's like my soul mate and I can't wait to celebrate her birthday with her this weekend. We've had sad times and really fun times (more of the latter) including random after parties followed by days on yachts, but she's always there for me when I need her. She's my angel.

Holiday Pic of the Day

Jennifer Smart - this isn't technically a holiday pic seeing as it was taken in England. But it still was a gorgeous hot day and makes me want to be back on that yacht. We had the best day EVER.

A Party Princess Weekend

Firstly and most outfits!!

Friday..wet look leggings and a lace body

Saturday..suede fringed hotpants and a black body

My weekend was pretty much INSANE. I worked out that I spent 20 hours partying and 20 hours in bed asleep. FYI this is not enough sleep for one weekend! And my feet hurt. But I had such an amazing time celebrating my sister's birthday on Friday and my girl Rose's birthday on Saturday.

On Saturday my lovely Southampton beauties had planned to come and party in Movida for Rose Thomas's birthday and all was going to plan until I got a phonecall saying they had broken down on the M3 on the way here! As any friend would I abandoned my pre-party beauty session and jumped in the car with no eye make up and one set of nails painted to go and rescue them. The girls still looked amazing despite being stood on the side of the road for over an HOUR. Now that's what I call fabulous. We had a party in the car on the way up to central and eventually arrived at Movida after midnight. (After a quick make up session in the car for me!) We had an amazing time partying with MillionHeir PR and I think the story proves how dedicated we are to our partying ways!