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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Let's Make A Sandwich...

Maybe then we can give it to Lady Gaga towards her picnic because she's definitely a few short. I've watched the video and I've read the numerous positive reviews from people who thinks it's incredible. Personally I think it's incredibly weird. And shit.

Yep I said it. It's shit. My intial reaction was 'AMAZING' but after watching once I realised I actually felt no desire to watch it again. Watch it here yourself and see what you think.

These were my problems...I don't see why she has to be half naked, she's not sexy. I don't know what lesbians or prisons have to do with telephones or clubs and I definitely don't think Beyonce does weird as well as Gaga. At all. In fact, Gaga is so weird that Beyonce actually fades into the background slightly and I don't like it. You've got to be pretty weird to outshine Beyonce's sex appeal.

Apart from that, the video's too long, I lost interest every time the song paused for the latest update of the pointless story and 'You've been a very bad girl Gaga' is so creepy that it will definitely give me nightmares at some point in my life. Aside from these issues, the video is in my opinion testimony that product placement in music videos should be illegal! Yes it's classic crazy Gaga and I do like the 'woman power' fantasy concept at times but I'd rather watch a simple, sexy Beyonce video than sit through Gaga's latest offering again. I don't hate it, I'm just not under the Gaga spell. Some have touted it as 'the successor to Michael Jackson's Thriller' - as if. She is innovative and controversial but she's definitely not there yet. The video is an explosion of violence, sex, irony and colour, yet somehow it's still dull. Succinctly put, the video by the pair is 10 minutes of visual diarrhea and I'm still waiting for Gaga to win me over.

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