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I love to party and fashion is my life. I say babe alot.

Monday, 1 March 2010

A Party Princess Weekend

Firstly and most outfits!!

Friday..wet look leggings and a lace body

Saturday..suede fringed hotpants and a black body

My weekend was pretty much INSANE. I worked out that I spent 20 hours partying and 20 hours in bed asleep. FYI this is not enough sleep for one weekend! And my feet hurt. But I had such an amazing time celebrating my sister's birthday on Friday and my girl Rose's birthday on Saturday.

On Saturday my lovely Southampton beauties had planned to come and party in Movida for Rose Thomas's birthday and all was going to plan until I got a phonecall saying they had broken down on the M3 on the way here! As any friend would I abandoned my pre-party beauty session and jumped in the car with no eye make up and one set of nails painted to go and rescue them. The girls still looked amazing despite being stood on the side of the road for over an HOUR. Now that's what I call fabulous. We had a party in the car on the way up to central and eventually arrived at Movida after midnight. (After a quick make up session in the car for me!) We had an amazing time partying with MillionHeir PR and I think the story proves how dedicated we are to our partying ways!

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