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Monday, 30 November 2009

My first blog....

Since my old blog was so rudely deleted by someone who is now in my past, I need to start a new blog for the future. Here's my first post!

This weekend my fellow facebook poser and pouter Rose Thomas came up from Southampton to party with me in London. I used to work with Rose back at uni and we made besties through our love of cameras, vodka, fancy dress, boys and freebies!! I don't want to get too emotional on my first blog, but I really do love this girl, she is so fabulous. One of our best nights has to be halloween in Southampton...we dressed up as a kitten and a murdered school girl, as of course every girl lives her life by the Mean Girls bible of quotes, for example 'Halloween* is the only night of the year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it'
.........* swap Halloween for Carnage, Whammed, Christmas, anyone's birthday etc

We went to Merah on Saturday night - overall it was fun but there were a few too many fash-pack wannabe girls and foreign men! My girl Rose did me proud by blagging some drinks off a guys table pretty quickly, he was a total weirdo though and the highlight of the night has to be trying to subtly run away wearing heels that made us about 6ft 3!! I probably wouldn't go back to Merah on a normal night, but I've heard JLS and Razorlight are going to be there soon which sounds amazing.

I loved both mine and Rose's outfit, she wore a tulip skirt with a body from American Apparel and I wore a grey skirt from Topshop with an AA body too.....twins! I wasn't sure about my outfit because I'd worn the grey skirt before but I accessoried with a Louis Vuitton bag and some Kurt Geiger shoes and in the end I loved what I was wearing so much! And my mystery man was still taller than me.. perfect!

PP x

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