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Monday, 22 February 2010

Money talks!

So I've been a bit rubbish at this whole blogging thing, my first was way back in November and it's now February. I've just been so busy! So here's what I've been upto....!!

When I blogged in November I started seeing a gorgeous older guy, we'll call him J for the purposes of anonymity... He was 32, tall, dark and handsome with a fabulous house and car. He seemed like the perfect guy.......Until he made me pay half on our THIRD date.

I was totally shocked and so were my friends. He's older and successful and he invited me to dinner, so why on earth did he think it was okay to make me pay half? Don't get me wrong it's not about whether I can afford it (and for the record it wasn't exactly Nobu!), it would just have been nice for him to even offer. I guess the eternal debate is whether men should be expected to fork out on dates...I think they should. I spend my hard earned pennies on hair, make up, nails and maintaining a fabulous wardrobe to look good when guys take me out for dinner....the least they can do is buy me a pizza?!

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