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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

WAGs versus SLAGs

So the 'BREAKING NEWS' just now is that Cheryl and Ashley Cole have officially split. She may have 'left' Ashley for now (and hopefully for good) but they way she is dealing with it is just annoying. Leaving the country just like John Terry's wife...if only we could all escape to a private yacht when the love of our life decides to do the dirty on us.

A spokesman for Cheryl has, in the last few minutes said that she 'has no further comment to make' and wants privacy. No can do, darling. If you don't want attention, don't be papped in stunnas yet wearing a press seeking slogan t-shirt. The classic combination is the definition of irony and only encourages more press and attention. You either want the attention or you don’t, love. She knows the whole world is watching her and every move she makes will fuel gossip and lead to speculation, so it’s probably not the best idea to spend too much, if ANY time with another guy such as this dancer spotted leaving her house already, even if some newspapers are prone to exaggerating.

As for the others, Toni Terry has no back bone slash no prospects without her footballer husband. She's a lost cause really.

And Elin Woods thinks her husband needs sex therapy. Personally I think she was onto something when she started beating him up with a metal pole.

The fact is men are men and fame hungry whores are just that. Instead of fuelling the fire, maybe newspapers should focus on something and someone more worthwhile. Take away the financial motivation behind many of these skanky girls actions and the problem may not be what it is.

With the number of undeniably attractive and unbelievably persistent women throwing themselves at these men on a daily basis regardless of marital status, it would be a miracle if they all weren’t at least tempted and if most didn’t indulge from time to time. But the fact is when you catch him once, get rid and the shame is on him. But as the saying goes if he fools you twice, then the shame is on you. My sympathy card must be lost in the post, Cheryl.

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